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Anfield Archery Anfield Archery - Handmade Longbows and Flatbows by Dave Watson

Handcrafted Longbows Flatbows and Hybrids. By Dave Watson

I make bows in a number of different styles. From traditional English longbows to primitive Pyramid bows to Fibreglass backed laminated Flatbows. Using both traditional and modern methods each bow is handmade and finished in my workshop here in the UK.

I usually have a number of bows in stock and I am happy to discuss any individual requirements. Contact me here...

The Pilgrim - 68" Flat Bow

The Pilgrim series of bows have a smooth draw and a fast clean action. A perfect combination of both strength and beauty.

The tapered Black Walnut core is sandwiched between Maple laminates with outer laminates of clear powerglass, giving excellent strength and speed to the bow.

The handle is in solid Black Walnut with arrow shelf.

The reflex-deflex design gives the bow that little extra push through and makes it a pleasure to shoot.

Matching tips and handle overlay also in Black Walnut.

An excellent target or field bow.

The Impulse - 62" Flat Bow

With Bamboo and Maple limbs under clear fiberglass the bow has a smooth draw and a fast clean action.

The solid Purpleheart riser/handle has a low pistol grip which fills the hand and arrow shelf cut to center.

The bow is finished with matching Purpleheart handle overlay and tips and comes with a Dacron B50 string and serving.

A sharp and fast bow with a stunning appearance. Perfect for field/target.

The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced and protected with several coats of Matt lacquer. and the bow is finished with a felt arrow rest and strike plate.

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