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Traditional Flatbow

Traditional Archery Bows. Handcrafted in the UK by Dave Watson.

I build traditional bows in a number of different styles and lengths. American Flatbows (NFAS compliant) at 68" and Hybrid flatbows at 62" and 64". The bows have a very traditional look and feel and are well suited to instinctive, field and target archery.

Each bow is individually handcrafted in my workshop in the UK. I have been building bows for more than 10 years and the bows I now make reflect all of that experience. A hand crafted traditional bow has one very important element that a factory built bow will never have and that element is heart. From the choice and cut of the wood all the way through to the final testing each bow is infused with life.

I have a number of traditional bows in stock and I am happy to discuss any individual requirements. Contact me here...

62" Hybrid Flatbows

The Instinct - Tradition

The Instinct - Sirocco

The Instinct - Impulse

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